Abdul Mejid II

Full Name Abdul Mecid bin Abdul Aziz
Titles Caliph of Islam

Amir al-Mu'minin

Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

Kayser-i Rûm

Born 29 May 1868

in Constantinople, Ottoman Empire

Status Alive
Allegiance Flag-OTT Ottoman Empire

Abdülmecid II (Ottoman Turkish: عبد المجید الثانی‎; Turkish: Abdülmecit) is the 37th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, reigning since 1922.


He was born at Dolmabahçe Palace of Constantinople to then Sultan Abdülaziz. He was educated privately. On 4 July 1918 his first cousin Mehmed VI became Sultan and Abdul Mejid was named Crown Prince. On 19 November 1922 the Crown Prince was chosen as the new Sultan in the Ottoman Empire. He established himself in Constantinople. He is considered as one of the most important painters of late period Ottoman art. His paintings of the Harem, showing a modern musical gathering, and of a woman reading Goethe's Faust were displayed at an exhibition of Ottoman paintings in Vienna in 1918.

On 23 December 1896 he was married for the first time at the Ortaköy Palace to Shahsuvar Bash Kadin Effendi (Born Constantinople 2 May 1881). They had a son, Prince Shehzade Ömer Faruk Efendi Osmanoğlu (Constantinople, Ortaköy Palace, 27 February 1898), who married at Yıldız Palace on 29 April 1920 his cousin Princess Rukiya Sabiha Osmanoğlu (Constantinople, Ortaköy Palace, 1 April 1894), daughter of Mehmed VI, without issue. On 18 June 1902 he was married for the second time at the Ortaköy Palace to Hair un-nisa Kadin Effendi (born: Panderma, 2 March 1876;). They had a daughter, Princess Hadice Hayriye Ayshe Dürrühsehvar (26 January 1914) who was married to Azam Jah, son of the last Nizam of Hyderabad. On 16 April 1912 he was married for the third time at Çamlica Palace to Atiya Mihisti Kadin Effendi (born at Adapazarı, 27 January 1892). She was sister of Kamil Bey. On 21 March 1921 he was married for the fourth time at Çamlica Palace to Bihruz Kadin Effendi (born: İzmir, 24 May 1903).

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