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Alash Orda
Flag of the Alash Orda
Full Name Алаш-Орда

(Alash Orda)

Common Name Alash Orda
Motto None
Anthem None
Official Languages Kazakh
Capital Alma-Ata
Government Structure Republic
Head of State Ali Khan Bukaiklianov
Head of Government Akhmet Baytursinuli
Currency Tenge
Established 1917
Population (core territory) Around 6.5 million

Alash Orda is a Kazakh national state in central Asia. It borders Russia to the north, Mongolia to the east, Ma Clique to the southeast, Turkestan to the south and the Don-Kuban Union to the west.


Alash Orda occupies the lands of the former Steppe General Governorship of the Tsarist Empire. During the chaos of the civil war, a party of Kazakh nationalists successfully pushed for national independence, albeit granting considerable concessions and leeway to large numbers of ethnic Russian settlers in the region and granting considerable autonomy to the Cossack garrisons. During the 1920s and early 1930s, the country managed to improve its industrial base and to start creating its own army. Despite this, the position of the Orda is precarious. The Union of Turkestan to the South seeks to create a single Islamic Caliphate across the whole of Central Asia and therefore poses an immediate threat. Additionally, while Russia has remained in a state of perpetual crisis for almost two decades, any Russian resurgence could be fatal - particularly if a new Russian government plays on the divided loyalties inherent within the Orda's ethnic groups.


Alash Orda has a right-wing government.

Head of State: Ali Khan Bukaiklianov

Head of Government: Akhmet Baytursinuli

Foreign Minister: Zaurbek Raibayev

Minister of Armament: Vasily Balabanov

Minister of Security: Asanbey Askarov

Head of Military Intelligence: Gabiden Mustafin

Chief of Staff: Aleksandr Dutov

Chief of Army: Ali Khan Bukaiklianov

Chief of Air Force: Sarafin Sarkisyan


Foreign Relations

Alash Orda has an authoritarian dem. Government and has moderate relations with any authoritarian dem. nation. The closest allies Alash Orda has is Bhutan and Azerbaijan. Direct enemies include Russia, Mongolia, and Turkestan. On the world stage Alash Orda plays a minimal role unless influenced otherwise.



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