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Allgemeine Ostasien-Gesellschaft
AOG Flag 2
Flag of the AOG
Full Name Allgemeine Ostasien-Gesellschaft

(General East Asia Company)

Common Name AOG
Motto Gott mit Uns

(God with us)

Anthem Unabhängigkeits Marsch

(Independence March)

Official Languages German
Capital Tsingtau
Government Structure Autonomous territory under unlimited and exclusive economic exploitation from the German Empire
Head of Government Alexander von Falkenhausen
Currency Tael
Established 1926

(Treaty of Nanjing)

Area (core territory) 1,202,400 km²
Population (core territory) Around 150 million

The Allgemeine Ostasien-Gesellschaft (AOG) (General East Asian Company), also known as Algostasien GmbH, is a company with semi-state status in China.





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