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Flag of the Republic of Bolivia
Full Name Republic of Bolivia
Common Name Bolivia

Bolvia is a nation in South America


Since her formation, Bolivia has not fared well in terms of her foreign policy, suffering many painful losses. A border conflict with Chile led to the ‘Saltpetre War’ (1879 – 1883), where Bolivia lost despite an alliance with Peru, and ended with the nation being forced to cede the coastal province of Antofagasta, losing its access to the sea. In 1903 Brazil and Bolivia signed the Treaty of Petróplis, ceding the important rubber producing province Acre to Brazil.

In 1932, tensions with Paraguay over the Gran Chaco region touched off what would later come to be known as the ‘Great South American War’. Initially, Bolivia was successful against the Paraguayans and quickly overran their country. Unfortunately, the Bolivian occupation of Paraguay prompted Argentinean intervention in 1933, and in a quick campaign Argentinean troops liberated Paraguay and settled in for the winter. In 1934, Argentina renewed their offensive and scored several great victories against the Bolivian forces, and Bolivia seemed totally defeated. However, in another twist of the war, their hope was rekindled, as Brazil chose this time to intervene on their side. Unfortunately however the Brazilians focused the thrust of their offensives towards the La Plata River, leaving the Bolivians to care for their own defenses. This error of judgement led to a humiliating final defeat for Bolivia at the hands of Argentina in late 1934. In the resulting peace, Bolivia was forced to accept the independence of Paraguay and relinquish their claims on the Gran Chaco region. After another short campaign by Argentinean forces, Brazil was defeated in 1935, and in the resulting peace Uruguay and Paraguay were ‘federated’ with Argentina to create the Union of La Plata.

In 1936 Bolivia stands at a crossroads. On one hand she is burning with passion for revenge against ‘La Plata’, but on the other hand she is wary of becoming too closely aligned with Brazil. However, with the government in La Plata beginning to assert claims over parts of Bolivia, relations are becoming even more strained and closer ties with Brazil may well be unavoidable. Whatever the situation, Bolivia will have to play her cards wisely, for the time for the final decision will come soon.


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Foreign Relations

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Colonies and Dependencies

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