Caribbean Federation
Flag of the Caribbean Federation
Full Name Federation of Guyana and the West Indies
Common Name Caribbean Federation
Motto To dwell together in unity
Anthem God Save the King
Official Languages English, French,
Government Structure Parliamentary Democracy - Social Conservative Government
Head of State George V
Head of Government Marcus Garvey
Currency Pound
Established Consolidation of the West Indes Act - 1926
Area (excluding colonies) 20,239 km
Population (excluding colonies) 3,000,000+

The Caribbean Federation is a country in the Caribbean. It comprises many islands in the Caribbean and in the Atlantic Ocean and it borders the Netherlands, Brazil and Venezuela in the South American continent.


The 1921 peace treaty between Britain and Germany left Britain still in control of its colonies, but the general strike and resulting revolution in Britain four years later meant that the colonies of the British Empire were effectively cut adrift. Some, particularly in the Pacific, were occupied by Germany, but others managed to survive as independent entities. In the interests of security and restoring the Empire the British Caribbean and South American colonies continued to recognise the sovereignty of the British Monarch in Canada, but chose to form a Confederation (incorporating former French Guiana, which Britain had occupied after the French government collapsed) in order to maintain independence. Throughout the 20's and early 30's the Caribbean Federation struggled to carve out a niche for itself. Trade links were set up with the United States of America, Brazil, Canada and National France, but a lack of any real industrial base in the region has limited their growth. Now in 1936 they remain a minor member of the Entente and look certain to side with them in any coming clashes with the western European Syndicalist states.

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