This category contains mini-flags used for Template:Campaign and other templates, and are typically displayed through use of the flag template, which permits their easy use and links them to their relevant nation page. Instructions for how to use the flag template can be found on the template page.

All mini-flags are designated with the "Flag-" prefix, and then their country tag as used in the Kaiserreich game files. Some flags may also be followed by ideological designations, such as "paternal_autocrat", in the event that the country in question has a corresponding ideological flag variant. Here you can find all country tags and their full names.

Many mini-flags have been uploaded already. However if you are unable to find whichever you are looking for here, check the mini-flag repository here and upload the flag you need. Please be sure to add this category (Miniflags) once you are finished uploading so that others can easily find the file also.

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