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Full Name República socialista de Centroamérica

(Socialist Republic of Central America)

Common Name Centroamerica
Motto ¡Trabajadores del mundo, únanse!

(Workers of the world, unite!)

Official Languages Spanish, Mayan dialects
Capital Guatemala City
Government Structure Socialist Republic
Head of State Augusto Cesar Sandino
Head of Government Augusto Cesar Sandino
Currency Centroamerican peso
Established 1927
Area (core territory) 152 896 km²
Population (core territory) Around 3.6 million

Centroamerica is a country in Central America. It borders Mexico to the north, the West Indies Federation to the east and The United Provinces of America to the south.


Centroamerica was born in the turmoil of the Belizian revolt of 1926 and the western Syndicalist’s involvement served as its crucible. In 1927 Socialist revolts swept Guatemala, leading to the army trying to crush them by force. However, the combined efforts of revolutionaries and the budding Belizian army managed to triumph on the battlefield and put the government out of rule. The two states decided to form a federation which they named 'Centroamerica' in order to survive in a hostile world. In 1928 Centroamerica made various ‘expeditions’ to support the El Salvadorean agrarian-socialist movement, and finally achieved the collapse of that government in 1929, following which El Salvador joined the radical socialist state as its third member. 1930 saw the various socialist movements in Central America growing in popularity, and as a result border skirmishes with Honduras increasingly fired up. However, the Centroamerican leadership feared that any further military adventures could escalate into a war against Germany or the USA, which both had trade interests in the region, and that such a war would have brought an abrupt end to the young state.

For the past six years Centroamerica focused on internal development and trade, offering the luxury-lacking Syndicalist sphere coffee and bananas. Political realities have distanced Centroamerica from the major Syndicalist powers and the current leadership is satisfied by improving workers’ and farmers’ conditions whilst trading with the capitalist countries in exchange for security. But every passing month brings forth signs of the inevitable collapse of capitalism in Central and North America. Many believe that the Americans are on the verge of a second civil war and Germany is struggling to keep her position as the ‘world's policeman’. In light of this, many centroamericans are hopeful that the time to unite all Central American workers will soon come!


Laws and Government:

Conscription Law: Volunteer Only

Economic Law: Civilian Economy

Trade Law: Export Focus

Head of Government: Augusto Cesar Sandino

Foreign Minister: Froylan Turcios

Economy Minister: Juan Arevalo Bermejo

Security Minister: Yank Levy


The Central American Army comprise of only an outdated infantry division.





Air Force


Foreign Relations

Centroamerica has

  • friendly relations with Mexico and Union of Britain
  • dislikes the United Provinces of Central America and United States

Colonies and Dependencies

Centroamerica does not have any colonies.





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