Do you accept donations?

No. We are aware that PDX has changed the rules to allow mods to take donations for their work, but for now we stand by our original policy of not taking donations. While we appreciate the thought, making money leads to many questions about who gets the money. Do former developers get the money? Do testers get money, and if so, how much? Do developers get the same as artists? You can see how things get complicated very quickly. Given this is something we do in our free time, complexity is something we would rather avoid.

Do you sell merchandise?

No. While we would like Kaiserreich merchandise as much as you would, if not even more so, it has all the same money related issues as with donations above, so for now, this is also a no.

Will this ever change?

This may change in the future if we can find better ways of handing things, but for the moment, just take the money and give it to a good cause in our name. We love that people think our work is worth paying for, but right now the risk of ruining the team behind that work is just too high.

But couldn't you create a research pot/make a non-profit orgenisation/other good idea?

We could and in the future we might. We can make no promises about the future and we are not committing to never making money off this project, simply making clear what our currant stance is and why.