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Dutch East Indies
Dutch East Indies
Flag of the Dutch East Indies
Full Name Nederlandsch-Indië

(Dutch East Indies)

Common Name East Indies
Anthem Het Wilhelmus

(The William)

Official Languages Dutch

(Malay as a Lingua Franca)

Capital Jakarta
Government Structure Colony of the Netherlands
Head of State Queen Wilhelmina
Head of Government Bonifacius de Jonge
Currency Dutch East Indies gulden
Established 1800
Area (core territory) 543,000 km²
Population (core territory) Around 66 million

The Dutch East Indies is a Dutch colony in Oceania. It consists of numerous islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Neighbouring countries include Australasia, the Portuguese colony of East Timor and the German colonial possessions in the Pacific Ocean (New Guinea, Indochina, Malaysia and the Caroline Islands)