When will the next patch come out?
We aim for one big release every three months, and of course hot-fixes wherever needed.

Why are some of the models black?
We use some DLC assets in our mod, so if you don't have that DLC, you will get blank textures, don't worry though, they are just cosmetic errors. We are working on setting up backup textures to avoid this, so keep an eye out for updates.

I want to be a KR tester, where can I sign up?
Fill out this document Then head to our Discord, and message Zankoas.

I want to do art/music/coding for KR, where can I sign up?
Wonderful! Head to our Discord, and then checked the pinned messages in general_discussion. If in doubt, message Zankoas.

Update X broke my saves!
That isn't a question, but if you are having issues, try loading the save, saving again straight away without un-pausing, then reloading using that new save. Not using ironman can also sometimes also help. If all else fails, remember past versions are available for download on the KR4 forums.

Are there any official sub-mods for KR4?
Our only official sub-mod is our Music Mod, which can be found in the Steam Workshop.

Is any DLC required?
No, though certain parts of the mod may not work well without them.

I found a bug, how can I make by bug report as helpful as possible?
• Report it only once per patch, we are busy people so don't worry if it takes us a few days to answer.
• Please report here:
• Try and check the last few pages to see if someone else has reported it.
• The more detail the better; screen shots and saves are much appreciated.
• Try and check back a few days after reporting, we might have asked a question about your bug or just want to thank you.

I am trying to boost ideology in country X but the button is locked. Is this a bug?
Since we are using a new ideology system, boosting ideologies in foreign countries has no effect, thus we disabled it.

Why are there no events for country X?
We haven't gotten around to coding it yet, but fear not, we will do every country, even you poor Tannu Tuva!

Why can't I puppet/change governments in peace conferences?
All puppetting is handled my events.

Why can't I create new factions/invite new faction members?
Kaiserreich’s faction mechanics are handled through events and focuses, and so we have disabled the feature from vanilla.

I have a question about the lore, is there a timeline?
You bet: Timeline of World History since 1914