Portrait Sweden Gustaf V

Gustav V Bernadotte is the leader of Sweden starting at the 1936 bookmark. The player can choose to overthrow him, replacing the monarchy with a republic, keep the constitutional monarchy, or restore the power of the monarchy.

Gustaf was born in 1858 and was the crown-prince of Sweden and Norway from 1872. It is no wonder that he is a man of the old ways, as during his father's reign the King of Sweden acted both as head of state and head of government, with ministers held responsible only to him. However, just two years before Gustaf's ascension to the throne, in 1905 his father had been forced to accept a government chosen by the majority in Parliament. When Gustaf first took the throne in 1907 he also ended a Swedish tradition of roughly 700 years when he refused a coronation. As such, during his reign as a king, he never wore a crown. While at first ambivalent about the Swedish politicians he angered in February 1914, when the Swedish liberal government wanted to cut in military spending. After holding a speech condemning their actions, the liberal government stepped down and was replaced by civil servants appointed by Gustav himself. In the following 1917 elections the Liberals and Social democrats made heavy gains, but Gustaf still attempted installing a conservative government. However, they were unable to form a coalition and Gustaf realised he could no longer appoint governments of his own choosing. During the following reforms, he found himself forced to act upon his minister's advice, and not the other way around. He is married to the sickly Queen Victoria of Baden, who is known to be wearing the pants in the Royal household, especially concerning the King's attempted influence in politics in general and the close relations to Germany in particular.

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