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Flag of Haiti
Full Name République d'Haïti (The Republic of Haiti)
Common Name Haiti
Motto Liberté, égalité, fraternité (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity)
Anthem La Dessalinienne
Official Languages Haitian Creole
Capital Port-Au-Prince
Government Structure Unitary semi-presidential Republic
Head of State Example
Head of Government Emmanuel Dabrezil
Currency Haitian gourde
Established 1929
Area (excluding colonies) 27,750 km2
Population (excluding colonies) 2,500,000

Haiti is a country located in the Caribbean. It is located on the island of Hispaniola and it only Borders The Dominican Republic.


Haiti gained independence from France on January 1st 1804, but fell under US occupation from 1915-1934. this has created an intense hatred of the US in the Haitian government which could lead to rising nationalism or even syndicalism as the nations unity has been broken by US occupation and people lack faith in their own Government. Haiti in 1935 Elected a Liberal President Emmanuel Dabrezil as their county teeters on the edge of civil war.


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Laws and Government:

Conscription Law: Disarmed Nation

Economic Law: Civilian Economy

Trade Law: Free Trade

Head of Government: Example

Foreign Minister: Example

Economy Minister: Example

Intelligence Minister:" Example


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Air Force

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Foreign Relations

Nation _____ has,

  • puppet relations with _____
  • colonial relations with ____
  • friendly relations with _____
  • dislikes __United States of America___

Colonies and Dependencies

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