Hashemite Arabia, also known as The Kingdom of Arabia is a country in Asia or the Middle East. It borders the Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Yemen and the German Empire to the south, to the north it borders the Ottoman Empire.To the northeast of Arabia there is Iran and to the southeast the Sultanate of Egypt.


The Kingdom of Arabia was founded by Hussein bin Ali, the leader of the Arab Revolt after the end of the Weltkrieg. After the defeat of the British the Arabs tried to achieve independence by themselves and after the Peace with Honour the Ottomans finnaly gave up and left the control of Arabia to the Hashemite and their allies.

After the death of Hussein bin Ali the control of the kingdom went to his son, Faisal bin Hussein in 1931. Faisal was a very ambitious man and dreamt of a unified Greater Arabia composing of all of modern Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. So in 1937 Faisal and the Egyptian Sultan Abbas II tried to organise an Congress of Arab Nations to liberate the arab population from the Ottoman Empire.

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