Hermann von Göring
Hermann Göring Profile

Full Name Hermann Wilhelm Göring
Titles Statthalter of Mittelafrika

Generalfeldmarschall in the German Luftstreitkräfte

Born 12 January 1893

Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany

Allegiance Flag-MAF Mittelafrika

Flag-GER German Empire

Hermann von Göring (born 12 January 1893) is a German Hauptmann of the Luftstreitkräfte and due to his political career after the Weltkrieg, the current Statthalter of Mittelafrika.

Göring served in the Weltkrieg as a fighter pilot of the German Luftstreitkräfte (Imperial German Air Service), and finished the war with more than 20 victories. In 1928, he became the chairman of the Alldeutsche Verband (AV), a party formed by dissatisfied DVLP Reichstag members. He was widely successful, leading AV to an 8% victory in the 1928 election. Following this, he was appointed to be the Statthalter of Mittelafrika.