Hermann von Göring
Hermann Göring Profile

Full Name Hermann Wilhelm Göring
Titles Statthalter of Mittelafrika

Generalfeldmarschall in the German Luftstreitkräfte

Born 12 January 1893

Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany

Allegiance Flag-MAF Mittelafrika

Flag-GER German Empire

Hermann von Göring (born 12 January 1893) is a German Generalfeldmarschall and the current Statthalter of Mittelafrika.

Göring served in the Weltkrieg as a fighter pilot of the german Luftstreitkräfte (Imperial German Air Service), and finished the war with more than 20 victories. In the 1928, he became the chairman of the Alldeutsche Verband (AV), a party formed by dissatisfied DVLP Reichstag members. He was widely successful, leading AV to an 8% victory in the 1928 election. The german government was scared of Göring becoming too powerful, and he was sent off to govern Mittelafrika, the german colonies in Africa.

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