Joachim Franz, Prince of Germany

Full Name Joachim Franz Humbert von Hohenzollern
Titles Prince of Germany

Prince of Prussia

Born 17 December 1890
Allegiance Flag-GER German Empire
Political Party Unaffiliated (Hohenzollern Family)

Joachim Franz (born 17 December 1890) is a Prince of Germany and Prince of Prussia. He is the sixth and youngest son of Kaiser Wilhelm II and disappeared from political life after a suicide attempt in 1923


Early life

Prince Joachim was born in Potsdam, the sixth and youngest son of the Kaiser Wilhelm II and his first wife, Empress Augusta Viktoria. Educated, along with his brothers, in the Prinzenhaus, he joined the 1. Garderegiment zu Fuß (1st Footguard Regiment) in 1911. During the Weltkrieg, he was wounded at the Battle of the Masurian Lakes. He was married in 1916 to Princess Marie Auguste of Anhalt, but their marriage was strained.


Prince Joachim almost progressively disappeared from public life, and attempted to take his own life by gunshot on July 18, 1923. He was saved by one of his bodyguards. However, the Imperial Family and the then military government of Paul von Hindenburg and Erich Ludendorff tried to hush up the scandal, but the attempted suicide was finally revealed by Princess Marie Auguste herself, and later by the Prince's oldest brother, Kronprinz Wilhelm. This event contributed to the fall of the Hindenburg-Ludendorff dictatorship and somewhat damaged the image of the Hohenzollern dynasty who refused to support one of its Princes. Prince Joachim now lives retired from political life, in a secret residence.


Prince Joachim married on March, 11 1916 with Princess Marie Auguste Von Anhalt-Dessau (born on June, 10 1898), daughter of Prince Eduard Georg Wilhelm of Anhalt. Together, they had a son, Karl Franz Josef Wilhelm Friedrich Eduard, born on December, 15 1916. Some sources affirmed that the cause of Prince's attempted suicide was his unhappy marriage, a point that the Princess contests. It's however understandable that, after the failure of his suicide, the Prince's relation with his wife became more strained.

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