Portrait Sweden Karin Boye

Karin Boye is a Radical Socialist of Sweden, capable to rising to power in the elections immediately following the revolution, as well as in the leftist elections of 1940, 1944, and 1948.

Karin Boye was born in October 1900. Both her parents came from well-off families who supplied Karin Boye with high quality studies, studies which she performed very well in. She finished her studies to become a teacher, but is much more famous for her poetry and writing. She strongly identifies with the socialist and feminist movements of Sweden and in 1927 she becomes an editor at a socialist newspaper. She visited Germany (she had German ancestry in her family) and lives in Berlin from 1932 to 1933, where she confronts her sexuality and starts living more or less openly with another woman, Margot Hanel, a German Jewish woman. The two of them return to Sweden, where Boye continues to develop her interest in politics and poetry. Thanks to her popularity she managed to avoid legal confrontration regarding her sexual deviancy, and during the election of 1936, when the Syndicalists snatched a surprise victory, she used her fame and skill with words to win a high position in the movement.

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