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Legation Cities
Legation Cities
Flag of the Legation Cities
Full Name Legation Cities
Common Name Legation Cities
Motto N/A
Anthem N/A
Official Languages Chinese and English
Capital Shanghai
Government Structure Independent union of economical concessions
Head of State Cecil Clementi
Head of Government Stirling Fessenden
Currency East Asian Dollar
Established 1927
Area (core territory) 31 560 km²
Population (core territory) About 7 million

The Legation Cities are a union of independent cities along the South-east coast of China, established for trading with foreign nations. They border the Qing Empire and Allgemeine Ostasiatische Gesellschaft.


Following the 1926 German Intervention in China and the Treaty of Nanjing signed in November of that year, foreign trade was left to the richest cities of the coast, under a joint control of world powers owning interests in China. The independence of this consortium of cities was guaranteed by the major local and international powers, such as the Qing Empire, the A.O.G., Japan, Australasia, Canada, the United States and Germany. Initially, the Legation Cities flourished, not only through foreign trade but also thanks to smuggling into A.O.G. and Qing territories. Unfortunately, this leads to an increasing rate of corruption and the creation of secret criminal fraternities. The approaching economic crisis is threatening the profits of the Legation Council and the criminal's bosses might try to take advantage of this situation to increase their power and gain control over the government.


Laws and Government:

Conscription Law: Volunteer Only

Economic Law: Placeholder

Trade Law: Placeholder

Head of Government: Placeholder

Foreign Minister: Placeholder

Economy Minister: Placeholder

Security Minister:" Placeholder


The Army of the Legation Cities comprises only one infantry division, deployed in Shanghai. In the remaining areas (Hong Kong, Bao'an, Fuzhou, Ningbo) there are various units of para-military type forces consisting of soldiers trained for police duties, called Constabulary.

Quite surprisingly, the Legation Cities can boast about the possession of one squadron of tactical bombers, a gift from the German Kaiser.

Foreign Relations

Friendly relations with Allgemeine Ostasiatische Gesellschaft, Qing Empire, Germany, Australasia, Canada, United States and Japan. This is mostly due to their high exploitation for cheap labour and openness to foreign companies.


Even though originally being a city based on economic success, recent events caused the Legation economy to collapse, therefore leading to high crime rates which then corruption has caused police forces to be minimal and lobbyists for crime groups to be all over the government. Options are given to either embrace this corruption or route it out completely. The Legation Cities trading partners are the Entente Powers and the German Empire and Japan and their satellites. Japan is a potential enemy of the Legation Cities.


Its central population is made up of native Chinese peoples in the Han Core. However, it's government is mostly Caucasian. This is probably also due to foreign specifically European exploitation and therefore bias towards Caucasians.

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