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The Imperial armed forces of the Empire or Reichswehr (other names such as Deutsches Armee or Wehrmacht are used) is the prime defensive and campaigning force of the German Empire. Founded in 1871 it grew to a force of around 14 million troops or more before being dissolved in 1919. It was reinstated in 1945 officially on December 1st and has seen many actions across the globe. This article however is about the modern armed forces and not the forces of the Second Reich.

Formation and Name.

Formed in 1945 after the fall of the Third Reich and the Nazi regime do to the need for a defensive force after the disbandment of the Wehrmacht. Massive numbers of ex-Wehrmacht soldiers where recruited and remained primarily a defensive force totaling roughly 20,000 men and a few airplanes an ships. It quickly grew to be a huge armed force and argueably the best military force in the world. The name of the armed forces may very from Kaiserliche Armee to Deutsches Armee. But is formaly called the Reichswehr or Imperial armed forces.

Command and Control

The Imperial armed forces generally break up the Empire as a mirror system to its governing structure but with military designations and officers. Overall command belongs to the Chief General Staff which controls, regulerates and is the central commanding structure. Overall authority on the other hand belongs to the Emperor as Commander in Chief and command seconded to the Reichsmarchall should the Emperor become unable to lead or incapacitated. Control of the armed forces is organized among a similar system to the Empires Governance with splitting the globe into Segmentums, Sectors, Sub-sectors, and Regions. In this way threat levels can be judged and the proper force mobilized to dispatch the adversary.

Segmentums Majoris

Segmentum Solar: Imperial Provinces in Europe.

Segmentum Obscurus: North of Germany.

Segmentum Pacificus: West of Germany.

Segmentum Tempestus: South of Germany.

Segmentum Ultima: East of Germany.

Imperial Army (Reichsheer)

The Imperial army is the land based forces of the Empire and by far the largest making up alittle more than 11 million of the 19 and a half strong Armed Forces. The Army is responsible for fighting the Empires enemies on land and defending its citizens. Having fought a number of engagments the Imperial Army is the foremost army in the world. Equipped with state of the art weaponry and vehicles it can take the fight to the enemy anywhere at any time.

Imperial Navy (Kriegsmarine)

The mightiest navy in existance with over 300 vessels in service and over 3 million personel including 3,900 aircraft. Its responsibility is to combat other navies and transport the land armies, assist in amphibious an aerial assaults to temporary bases for offensive operations. With many victories to its name the Imperial Navy is always an integral component to the Empire mighty military machine.

Imperial Airforce (Luftwaffe)

The air branch of the armed forces and responsible for aerial suppiority and air assaults the airforce in the third major component to the Empires military machine. With 2 million personel it is by far the newest and smallest of the three major branches. Although it has a lustrous history for having the best pilots in the world and noted for its tenacity to push the limits in aerial warfare. (A total of 9,700 aircraft in use).

Central Medical Service (Zentraler Sanitätsdienst)

At a nominal strength of 500,000 roughly personel. the Central medical service oversees helping third world countries and the medical units attached to the other branchs and helping rebuild communities. Also proving to be a back up incase of emergency situations such as natural disasters to medical staff shortages. The Medical service backs up the Empire efficiently as possible when it come to the health of its fighting men and women.

Joint Support Service (Streitkräftebasis)

One of the smallest of the sevice branches and with 700,000 personel it oversees rebuilding and supporting any need for the other armed forces and works in tandem for the Medical Service.

The Holy Inquisition

The Emperors Inquisition is a highly secretive and deadly organization that combats peculier threats to the Empire rather it be religious threat from terrorists to violent gang drug wars. The Inquisitors are feared but only count as a small margin in its ranks but can sign the death sentence for an entire settlement. The Inquisition has about 100,000-150,00 personel at any given time and can requisition help from other area's. Not considered a branch and broken up into three orders to encounter different threats.

Ordo Hereticus: Uses the Sororitas (Fully female units) as its primary military arm and fights against Religious Terrorists and cults.

Ordo Xenos:Uses Death Watch units and fights mainly foriegn threats.

Ordo Malleus:Utilizing the Grey Knights the Ordo Malleus fights the most deadliest of enemies and is the most destructive and only is called in at dire circumstances.

Legiones Astartes

The only allowed information is that 18 legions exist and are considered the Reichs more lethal human weapons available. capable of destroying entire armies and cities in matter of hours.

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