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National Populism is a political ideology associated with authoritarian nationalism that has been attributed to various movements across the world. Unifying themes involve a rejection of liberal democracy, syndicalism, and secularism in favor of a traditionalist, militaristic, and one-party state dominated by a single leader. The role and nature of this leader varies from party to party; some movements advocate for the return of an absolutist monarch, a dictator, or even a religious leader to guide the nation and her people. Economic policy varies between parties, some advocating for a laissez-faire economy, others for a mixed economy, and others for a corporatist system.

National populists advocate usually advocate for the racial, cultural, and religious unification of their people under a single state. This has lead to the parties advocating for either plebiscite or war with rival states to return territory where people of a common state reside. In addition, many will also advocate for either the assimilation, removal, or outright extermination of minorities within their "cultural territories," viewing them as weak links in their nation or as traitors at least partially responsible for the weakness of their nation.

At present, several states have adopted a government classified as National Populist. These being the Shangqing Tianguo in China, Roman Ungern von Sternberg's government in Mongolia, and the Iron Guard in Romania.

National Populist Political Parties

  • Garda de Fier - Romania (Ruling Party)
  • Social Credit Party - Canada
  • Den Nationale Legion - Norway
  • Leituviu Tautos Interteresu Partija (Speak Lithuanian!) - Lithuania

Movements classified as National Populist

  • Huanghanhui (Imperial Han Society) - Fengtian

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