Portrait Sweden Nils Flyg

Nils Flyg (born 9 July 1891) is a swedish totalist politican.


Nils flyg was born in 1891 as the son of a sugar factory worker. Nils himself studied to and later worked as a typographer and found his political home early in the Social Democratic party. He split from them during the Weltkrieg however, and joined a more radical, hard-line socialist movement. While he wasn't the biggest of the names in Swedish syndicalism shortly after the Weltkrieg, he soon found strong political allies on the international scene in Mosley and Mussolini, who share many of his ideas of a strong, centralised state. By the mid-twenties he turned out to be one of the biggest names in radical left Sweden, running his own newspaper and acting as a bit of an informal leader of the Totalist faction.

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