Nils Flyg
Nils Flyg

Full Name Nils Svante Flyg
Born 9 June 1891
Status Alive
Allegiance Flag-SWE Sweden
Political Party Vänsterpartiet Totalisterna

Nils Svante Flyg is a swedish totalist politican and leader of the Left Party Totalists.


Early life

Nils Flyg was born in 1891 as the son of a sugar factory worker. Early on he joined the Swedish Social Democratic Party's youth organization, the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League and later worked as a typographer for the party. However, he split from them during the Weltkrieg, and joined the more radical, hard-line socialist movement of the Swedish Social Democratic Left Party, a group headed by Karl Kilbom.

Nils Flyg wife

A young Nils Flyg and his newly-wed wife, Elsa Ströberg

Political career

Flyg became an important member of the Party, wrote books and went on political trips to the Commune of France. He soon found strong political allies on the international scene in Mosley and Mussolini, who share many of his ideas of a strong, centralised state. In the general election of 1928, he failed to achieve an influential position as voters failed to show substantial support for his totalist beliefs. In 1929 Flyg founded a new faction within the Party, the Left Party Totalists, which claimed to lead the real radical left of Sweden in a new, more centralised direction. By the early-thirties he has become one of the biggest names in the radical left scene of Sweden, running his own newspaper and acting as the leader of Swedish Totalists alongside fellow totalist leader, Sven Linderot.

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