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Peru Flag Peace
Flag of Peru
Full Name República del Perú

(Republic of Peru)

Common Name Peru
Motto Firme y feliz por la unión

(Firm and Happy for the Union)

Anthem Himno Nacional del Perú

(Peruvian National Anthem)

Official Languages Spanish
Capital Lima
Government Structure Presidential Republic
Head of State Oscar Benavides Larrea
Head of Government Oscar Benavides Larrea
Currency Peruvian Sol
Established 1821
Area (excluding colonies) 1,285,216 km²
Population (excluding colonies) Around 6.2 million

Peru is a South American nation bordering Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador.


20th Century

After the War of the Pacific the Peruvian government began to implement a number of social and economic reforms to further the nation's recovery and by the 1900s had stabilized under the Civilista Party. A stability which would last till the Authoritarian rule of Augusto B. Leguia whose downfall was the Great Depression. The Great Depression lead to the rise of the APRA (American Popular Revolution Alliance) which for the next three decades would be the focal of an internal conflict between the Peruvian Military, Social Elite, and the APRA. In 1929 Chile returned the Tacna region, which had been capture during the Pacific War, to Peru. From 1932 to 33 Peru was at war with Columbia over the territorial disputes of the Amazonas and it's capital of Leticia.


Foreign Relations

By 1936 it's been 15 years since the treaty with Chile returned Tacna to Peru and 3 years since the war with Columbia came to a close.

To summarize Peru has,

  • Poor relations with Chile
  • Poor relations with Colombia

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