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Peru Flag Peace
Flag of Peru
Full Name República del Perú

(Republic of Peru)

Common Name Peru
Motto Firme y feliz por la unión

(Firm and Happy for the Union)

Anthem Himno Nacional del Perú

(Peruvian National Anthem)

Official Languages Spanish
Capital Lima
Government Structure Presidential Republic
Head of State Oscar Benavides Larrea
Head of Government Oscar Benavides Larrea
Currency Peruvian Sol
Established 1821
Area (core territory) 1,285,216 km²
Population (core territory) Around 6.2 million

Peru is a South American nation bordering Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador.


After the War of the Pacific the Peruvian government began to implement a number of social and economic reforms to further the nation's recovery and by the 1900s had stabilized under the Civilista Party. A stability which would last till the Authoritarian rule of Augusto B. Leguia, althought their government brought good stability, they never stopped the growth of leftist cells, gave peruvian economic zones to foreign countries and their pro-american politics was the main cause of their downfall after the Wall Street crash. In the year of 1926, fears of the upcoming syndicalist revolution toppled their government by the aliance of the military(headed by Sanchez Cerro) and the landowners, (being represented by Samanez Ocampo).A fter that, Leguia was sent to court by the charges of the illegal enrichment(just a fake argument used by the landowners) and after a brief time in the St Lorenzo prison was executed by a firing squad in the middle months of 1927.

Meanwhile the the government of Sanchez Cerro was following the National Populist teachings of Gabriele D'Annunzio in public affairs and supressing the aprists. He was a close friend of Jose de la Riva-Aguero y Osma, one of the main theorcs of the hispanist ideology. Althought they have diferent points of view about the government, Jose was appointed as prime minister and was one of the founding members of their party "Unión Revolucionaria"

Meanwhile the leftist cells(headed in the north by Haya de la Torre and in the southern part of the Andes by Mariategui) had significantly grown during the 2 first years of the Sanchez government. In the he year of 1929 was they tried to start the Peruvian revolution. While the mariateguists were more than a group of guerrillas, the aprists took the city of Trujillo as their headquarter, with Haya as the relevant head of the government. The army was deadly effective, because it had heard reports of executed members of the military by the rebels.



Foreign Relations

Peru has:

  • Excellent relations with Bolivia
  • Good relations with Argentina
  • Poor relations with Colombia, Paraguay and Centroameric
  • Frequent border clashes with Ecuador and Chile