Portrait Poland Regency Council

The Regency Council of Poland has served as the de facto "Head of State" of the Kingdom of Poland since the country's liberation by the German Empire during the Weltkrieg on 5 November 1916. The acting Regent of Poland in that time has been Janusz Radziwiłł.

This council in particular has become known as the "Eternal Regency" as the council has been unable to form a consensus on who exactly should be elected King of Poland. Both Germany and Austria have involved themselves in the debate as whomever is elected could tie Poland to either country's royal house, the Hohenzollerns or the Hapsburgs. With the election postponed multiple times, the Regency Council has become bloated and ineffective in carrying out its stated purpose over the last two decades, which has brought the small Polish nation to the breaking point politically.

The Regency Council is not without choices as to whom the title of King of Poland could ultimately be offered to. Prince Augustyn Czartoryski is seen as the best option for a truly Polish king as he is the scion of old Polish nobility. King Mindaugas III would represent a reaproachment with neighboring Lithuania and perhaps a rebirth of the old Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Another option would be to offer the crown to Archduke Karl Albrecht of Austria, the son of Archduke Charles Stephen of Austria, one of the original candidates to be considered. The last candidate would be Prince Friedrich Christian of Saxony, who, although not from the same family as Kaiser Wilhelm II, would surely result in a clear link between Poland and Germany.