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Republic of Ecuador
The National Flag
Full Name The Republic of Ecuador
Common Name Ecuador
Motto "Dios, patria y libertad" (God, Homeland, and Freedom)
Anthem "Salve, Oh Patria" (Hail, O homeland!)
Official Languages Spanish
Capital Quito
Government Structure Presidential Republic
Head of State Gonzalo Cordova y Rivera
Head of Government Carlos Arosemino Tola
Currency Sucre
Established 1809
Area (excluding colonies) 181,794 mi²
Population (excluding colonies) Approximately 2,000,000 (additional 70k disputed)

Ecuador is a nation in Northwestern South America, bordering Peru and Colombia.


Ecuador suffered a bumpy development after her independence in 1809. Border uncertainties led to conflicts with Peru and Colombia while the rivalling oligarchies of the conservative big landowners in the high lands and the liberal populace on the coast fought each other bitterly. A first era of relative peace was achieved under the dictatorship of the church friendly conservative President Gabriel Garcia Moreno who expanded central administration, the educational system, and the infrastructure. In 1875 Moreno was assassinated, which brought about a time of domestic turmoil once more till the liberals under General Eloy Alfaro seemed to have prevailed, but the political issues that started with his assasination, coupled with the terrible economic situation, that only went more poorly after the economic woes of the United Kingdom and the USA, ensured that the situation didnt stabilize as planned. The Conservatives, who currently hold power in a mockery of the constiution, took over in 1921 in a coup, deposing President Ibarra and making sure that a renewed Argolla Clique of the party rules the country. Term Limits are a thing of the past, and the populace resents the rather poorly executed fraudulent elections. However, slow but steady recovery may explain the people's tolerance for the Regime, and now that 1936 is starting, surely nothing can go wrong for the plans of La Nueva Argolla



Head of Government: Carlos Arosemino Tola

Foreign Minister: Julio Dopar Donoso

Economy Minister: Juan de Diaz Mera

Intelligence Minister:" Fransico Guarderas Perez







Air Force


Foreign Relations

The Republic of Ecuador has:

  • Poor relations with Peru





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