Sven Linderot
Sven Linderot

Full Name Sven Harald Linderot
Born 8 October 1889
Status Alive
Allegiance Flag-SWE Sweden
Political Party Vänsterpartiet Totalisterna

Sven Harald Linderot is a swedish totalist politican and editor-in-cheif of Norrskensflamman, a socialist newspaper popular in Norrland.


Early life

Sven Linderot was born in 1889. Already at eleven years of age he would start working in a local glass-works where he worked for another twelve years. At first he was politically engaged in the Social Democratic party, but was purged for his radical viewpoints in 1916.

Political life

He joined the Swedish Social Democratic Left Party, a group headed by Karl Kilbom, in 1917 and became an active unionist and eventually journalist and politician. He has for a long time promoted a hard-line type of centralism in line with Mussolini's and Mosley's beliefs, which most moderate syndicalists feel nothing but contempt for, but he is a hard-worker and as an editor-in-chief of a large Socialist newspaper Norrskensflamman, he has managed to win a devoted crowd, being a major figure in swedish totalism alongside Nils Flyg.

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