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Syndicalist Republic of Chile
Flag of Chile
Full Name The Syndicalist Republic of Chile
Common Name Chile
Anthem Por la Razon o la Fuerza (By Right or Might)
Official Languages Spanish
Capital Santiago
Head of State Marmaduke Grove
Head of Government Marmaduke Grove
Currency Nuevo Peso
Area (excluding colonies) 756 000 km²
Population (excluding colonies) around 4.5 million

The Syndicalist Republic of Chile is a country in South-West South America, bordering La Plata, Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru.


After the Saltpetre War (1879 - 1883) in which Chile received the Peruvian saltpetre provinces Tarapacá and Arica, in addition to the Bolivian coastal region of Antofagasta, the country has had command over vast copper deposits and monopolised the world trade of saltpetre. A phase of economic prosperity was initiated, supported by the high demand for saltpetre at the beginning of The Weltkrieg. However, the chemical processes devised during that war to artificially produce saltpetre rendered Chile's deposits worthless. Worsening economic circumstances, together with the growth of the population increased the social crisis. Workers and unions gained political influence, especially under the disastrous rule of Carlos Ibañez Del Campo, during which Chile went bankrupt, in 1931.

Shortly afterwards. Ibañez was deposed, the navy and most of the army mutinied, and with the of arrival of reinforcements and the long exiled Marmaduke Grove from the Union of Britain, the Syndicalist Republic of Chile was proclaimed. After 5 years of rebuilding under the first council, led at least nominally by Arturo Puga, the republic economy recovered greatly, and a military build-up has begun after the Platine War. Now, with La Plata's rhetoric becoming increasingly aggressive, the well respected Marmaduke Grove, veteran of two revolutions oceans apart, is at the helm and charged with rebuilding the republic. However, not all Chileans are as hopeful for the future as the syndical leaders are, and the next election will reveal the great rifs that arose among the Revolutionaries...



Laws and Government:

Head of Government: Marmaduke Grove

Foreign Minister: Luis Arteaga Garcia

Economy Minister: C.L. Blest Riffo

Security Minister: Marmaduke Grove







Air Force


Foreign Relations

Chile has,

  • Great relations with Commune of France, Union of Briain, Centroamerica and Mexico
  • Good relations with Bhartwhatever commune and Georgia
  • Poor relations with Bolivia, Peru and Brazil
  • Very poor relations to Centroamerica, La Plata, Germany and Colombia

Colonies and Dependencies






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