Welcome to the World of Kaiserreich!

Welcome to the official wiki for the Kaiserreich universe, built for the popular alternate history mod for the Hearts of Iron series by Paradox Interactive. Eventually all canon Kaiserreich lore will be available here but, for now, we are still very much under construction!

If you want to contribute, please ensure you are adding content accepted as canon for the Kaiserreich games.


Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg is an Alternative History Modification for Hearts of Iron II, Darkest Hour and Hearts of Iron IV that answers the question: "What if the Germans had won World War 1?"

The scenario starts in 1936.

How to Help

Welcome to the new wiki! If you're looking to transfer information over from our previous wiki, or merely create a new nation page, please use the tool below to follow our Nation Page format. Simply enter the name of the page you want to create, for example "German Empire", and then hit "create". A more comprehensive guide will be coming soon!

Or, if you want to create a nation gameplay page, simply type the name of the country you want to add such as "German Empire, and add "/game" to it, leaving "German Empire/Game". Then press enter.

If you need to add a Person of importance, simply use this tool in the same way. Note that if the person in question is not dead by the start of 1936, simply type "Alive" in the "status" section. Please be sure to add him or her to their appropriate continent category.

  • Kaiserreich HOI4 version 0.4.3 - 'PDXCON' has been released!
  • Kaiserreich DH 1.8 has been released!

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Did you know…
  • Sherlock Holmes is banned in the Union of Britain?
  • Chinese Emperor Pu Yi was often designated as "Heinrich Pu Yi" by German diplomats?
  • Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxemburg, was the only female ruler in Germany?
  • Chile, Brazil and Argentina have waged an arms race since 1900?
  • German Army Gefreiter Adolf Hitler died during the German intervention in the Russian Civil War?

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