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Lore Game

Flag of Tibet.svg
Flag of Tibet
Full Name Bod
Common Name Tibet
Official Languages Tibetan, Tibetan languages
Capital Lhasa
Government Structure Bhuddist Theocracy
Head of State Dalai Lama (vacant)
Head of Government Reting Rempoche
Currency Tibetan Skar, Srang, and Tanka
Established 1912
Area (excluding colonies) 1,228,400 km2

Tibet is a nation in central Asia bordering the Ma Clique to the north, the Yunnan Clique to the east, and bordering Nepal, Bhutan, the Bharitya Commune, and the Dominion of India to the south.


Input here.


Input here.

Laws and Government:

Conscription Law: Example

Economic Law: Example

Trade Law: Example

Head of Government: Example

Foreign Minister: Example

Economy Minister: Example

Intelligence Minister:" Example


Input here.


Input here.


Input here.

Air Force

Input here.

Foreign Relations

Nation _____ has,

  • puppet relations with _____
  • colonial relations with ____
  • friendly relations with _____
  • dislikes _____

Colonies and Dependencies

Input here.


Input here.


Input here.

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