Can I use part of KR in my mod?

We love submods and the modding community in general, so are more than happy for people to use our code, GFX and whatever else they want in their own mods, with a few small restrictions.

1. Please give credit for what you do use. We spend a lot of time on the mod and while we have no issue with people using our work, we would still like credit.

2. No using the Kaiserreich name, except for in submods (e.g. ‘Spanish Expansion for Kaiserreich’ is fine). Our name is our identity, so please don’t use it.

3. No making money from our work. It is our work, while we are okay with you using it to make your own mod better we draw the line at you making money from our hard work.

If you follow those three points, you are free to use our work and make even better mods with it. We hope other mod teams in the community follow our lead and share their work. If you have any questions about the above, feel free to message one of the devs on our discord.